Some professions can be learnt and for others you have to be gifted. About this we are going to talk with the renowned Psychic and Medium, Danielle Egnew. Let's try to uncover the secrets of the unseen world, that according to Mrs. Egnew she experiences first hand through her extraordinary Psychic abilities.

Imagine you are buying a property or even renting. How do you choose your future home? Well, of course the most important are technical and practical aspects that have to be met. But apart from that...and lets be honest...the appearance of the house matters. Many people have difficulties to explain what would they want, but as soon as they see, they know, this is it. It makes you better imagine yourself in a particular house. To sum it up: chances are you won´t go for an apartment or a house which is cluttered, has too many personal belongings or has a very specific style that is attractive to a very narrow group of people. That is where staging comes into the picture.

It’s not just about relocation. A global mobility consultant does a lot more. She or he looks after the clients and the employees needs and requirements, assists in the process of relocation and manages a whole gamut of areas including sometimes recommending and managing salaries and further relocation or repatriation. With our world becoming a global village, the need for such consultants is on the rise with employees being relocated from and to different parts of the world.

Compared to working with airlines, fewer individuals think of working on cruise ships and extremely few women actually join cruis lines.

Ever fantasize about being born a mermaid or meeting one when you were little? You can actually be one. Wearing the costume, mingling with children and sea life, you can live out your fantasy. It is an unusual and very exciting job. Check out our video.

Although risky, this is a highly rewarding profession and suitable for those who look for a thrill a day or many thrills a day while they make excellent money.  Each dive is hazardous thus making each natural pearl precious. Most involved in the profession, do it out of choice. Dive for the oysters, swim back to your boat and find that cherished and adored little thing in some of them.

Community arts workers help local people, whether as a group or as individuals, to use art as a form of personal development and improvment. Often the sectors to be addressed are communities with social, cultural, or environmental problems, such as young people, homeless people, disabled people, ethnic minorities, the elderly, or drug or alcohol addicts. The range of works covers crafts, dancing, film, creative writing, music, and others.

An age-old form of body decoration, which over the years has been acceptable and not acceptable to varying degrees, is seen today across a broad spectrum of the population. How does one become a tatoo artist? That´s what this article is all about. Scroll down and find out more, including a video of Tattoo Artist Kim Saigh

The pace of life is speeding up every day, and no wonder there are so many people stressed and unhappy with their situation. Is it a good time to stop and think? How about if there is a profession that is based on the exact opposite - calm and peace? Yes, we are talking about today´s unusual profession - Yoga Instructor. Relax, and continue reading.

You don’t hear about make-up artists every day, yet it is an obvious job, given the number of movies produced and fashion or other events organized every year. Although it might seem to be a fun job and something that you would actually enjoy doing, it takes knowledge and important practical skills to achieve top ranking in the field. Let's look at these.


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