Viktor Frešo is a Slovak artist and photographer who knows how to hide a frank smile, if not outright mockery, in his works, and thereby make the viewer start and think. He is surprisingly prolific – every year he has from 15 to 20 exhibitions. The current one is now taking place in the Prague Gallery of Modern Art DOX, where Frešo is again communicating with visitors virtually and raising a number of important issues in a satiric form.

Health conscious Josh Galt took a 90-day challenge, committing to eating a plant-based diet plus insects, and turned it into a full-time entovegan lifestyle. After just 45 days, halfway through the process, Josh already felt better, faster, stronger and more athletic. Overall, his new diet made him feel much like his younger self.

On June 12th, 2018, 27-year-old Lars Nick won $51,000 at the $1,600 Venetian PLO in Las Vegas. On the worst day in his career, at the World Series of Poker, he lost $12,000. Such dramatic wins and losses are just part of everyday living for a professional poker player.

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